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How important is your business signage - Custom Foam Letters

November 09, 2019

How important is your business signage - Custom Foam Letters - Custom Foam Letters

       Statistically speaking we view over 5,000 ads a day. Can you remember any of those ads? With the overload of ads our culture has become desensitized to traditional marketing techniques. As soon as we realize someone is trying to sell us something we ignore it. This creates a real problem for new business owners trying to attract new customers. To truly reach your customers you must use some innovative techniques. Custom Foam specializes in custom advertising props.
       We know what its like to start a business and feel like nobody knows it exists. Our advice: You have to create curiosity or temptation. Example If you own a pretzel shop a giant 8ft pretzel outside your shop will give potential customers a visual temptation. A sign that says pretzels is just another board with words on it. Our eyes gravitate to depth and color. Flat prints without any 3D effects are not engaging. Giant foam letters or lighted marquee signs demand attention. Especially when they say the word SALE or offer a deal to your client. Over the years we have helped business's succeed by giving them the exposure they needed with a custom sign or advertising prop.
       If you want to generate more business, invest in a sign that will work around the clock 24 hours a day. You can purchase Giant Foam Letters and Numbers, Marquee, wood, or even plastic signage right on our website. Need something custom? we offer a Free Consultation. We will contact you to discuss your big display idea. Become a Landmark location that everybody remembers with one of our eye catching displays and you will soon thank us saying its the best money you have ever spent.