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What kind of foam am I getting?

Foam fabrication is our specialty. For our letter tables we suggest you use 2.5 Ibs and 3 Ibs polystyrene which is far more dense then your typical packing foam that flakes apart. This foam is not only more durable the beads of the foam are tighter which gives a cleaner finish. Always educate yourself on what you are buying from other vendors. 

How long does shipping take?

Shipping varies on location but orders are immediately logged into our system to produce. Within a day or two the letters are produced and we are packing them up for shipping. We do give an estimate upon checking out how long it is going to take until received however it usually arrives faster then advertised. For rush jobs please call us at 718-951-0150 so we can meet your deadline appropriately. 

For Giant custom orders we competitively shop our shipping rates for large displays and will allow you to shop around your own shipping prices if you would like to. Orders that require freight may increase shipping prices.

How do you make your letters and numbers?

Depending on the dimensions, typically small letters and numbers are done using a CNC machine. Large projects require a hot wire. We can assure you the precision is extremely accurate. 
Big foam letters make BIG statements, you can use them for mass advertisement, window displays, wedding venue and trade shows just to name a few. The best part about foam letters is you don't need a crew of people to move them. For the most part they are light weight.

Can I paint them myself?

Of course you can. However do not use anything but acrylic paint. Spray paint and other solvent based automotive style paints will damage the foam. a regular foam roller or paint brush will do the trick with some house paint.

What is the Hard-Coated option?

 Hard-Coating is a sealant that is sprayed over the foam letters. This is the same material that is used for Truck bed liners. Think of it as giving your letters a turtle shell to protect them forever. Once hard-coated your letters can sustain an incredible amount of abuse and even support an incredible amount of weight if they are thick enough for your purpose.